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This venerable restaurant, established in 1968, has become renowned throughout Limassol for good reason. The food is of the highest caliber, the service attentive and friendly, and the location – á bord de la mer, as the French would say – exquisite. The decor complements the setting, although in itself unremarkable.

We decided to go the whole way on this visit, and therefore ordered a ψαρομεζέ (psaromeze) – a veritable feast, replete with a variety of fresh fish and meze. The ‘first course’ came promptly, and included a delectable ταραμοσαλάτα (taramosalata), a pink ‘fish mousse’ served with some rather mediocre traditional bread. The salad served with it was excellent; the fresh vegetables were bursting with flavor and of particular note was the fact that they let customers dress their own salads. We must also mention the fact that they quickly brought some onion (unfortunately, not included in the original salad) when asked, a feat that so many waiters and waitresses cannot seem to achieve.

The next item in our meze were some deep-fried fish, wonderfully crisp and fresh. A note of caution to the customer: these fish’s bones are just big enough to lodge in your throat and just small enough to have difficulty in picking them out. Still, the result was well worth it: the flesh was steaming and bursting with flavor.

The next stage of the psaromeze was an oxymoron of sorts, including both the nadir and the zenith of our meal. The calamari was one of the best we have ever eaten; the batter, light and flavorful, perfectly complemented the fresh seafood. Another point worth mentioning here is that the calamari includes both rings and tentacles – an indication of an authentic experience. The nadir came with the mediocre spring rolls and sambousek (a type of pastry with cheese) – truly, fish out of water. We were perplexed by this strange placement of Asian dishes in an otherwise entirely Cypriot experience.

However, the next dish really made up for it with the best deep-fried shrimps in Limassol we have tasted – again, fresh, well-battered, and steaming hot. They were complemented with some mediocre home-made fries, which we whole-heartedly ignored in the feeding frenzy generated by the delectable shrimps.

Unfortunately, this was the end of our meal. If we had come with more people, the waitress informed us, we would have been provided with a grilled fish, but as was we were left wanting. That gap was half-satisfied with the excellent selection of seasonal fruits, but we will definitely have to come with more people next time.

Overall, we must say that High Chaparral provides one of the best psaromezedes in Limassol, being simply very good in all areas.

€25 per meze per person

Georgiou A, Germasogeia, Limassol

Tel: 25 321576


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  1. Nice but completely irrelevant to anyone who doesn’t go to cyprus. also don’t use so many fancy pants adjectives and things, it sounds like your a writer for a bad tabloid column, in real review magazines they don’t say stuff like venerable, or eatery , or like exquisite. just fyi, well written otherwise, sounds like good food. and you put the french in just so i would have to translate it didn’t you??

    • To the last bit, yes. But this blog is different than my other projects in that I’m not trying to target a certain audience: it’s just writing (or ranting) as I want to. So, although I will try to make it better, I’m really not bothered if anybody reads it and likes it(particularly in my school). The next review (which ought to be up by the time you’ve read this) is entirely different style-wise. I want to experiment, so please give feedback on that too. BTW, what do you think of the theme?

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