New Gas Grill!

A few days ago we got a gas grill. Traditionally, here in Cyprus, we use charcoal to grill all our assorted meats, πίττες (pita bread), and kebabs: I was, therefore, a tad apprehensive when we this mammoth grill arrived. The assembly was mostly straightforward, with a few burps along the way (mostly to do with fuselage and such), and the final result was well worth it: it turned out there was a side burner and a higher rack above the grill (perfect for the pita bread) and a place to store the various paraphernalia. So, we cooked some sausages (and accidentally burned them, as you can see above) – which, incidentally, received the seal of approval from my grandmother.

P.S. I apologize for not posting much, but my internet connection isn’t very reliable or fast.