“Sunshine” Restaurant Review

This restaurant can be summed up in one word: unimpressive. Don’t get me wrong: the atmosphere is nice, with the waves lapping at the beach and simple, unimpressive decor. But the food is, pretty good, and that is the most important thing. I ordered the full quesadilla, going for a ψαρομεζέ (psaromeze). It started with a pleasant salad, accompanied by some rather stale bread and the standard dips, none of which stood out. The next course included some tough, badly-battered calamari, some strange, highly-processed crab-stick-things, and some original (though inedible) crab legs, deep-fried. These were accompanied with the zenith of the meal: the fries were fresh and clearly homemade. Next came what is always the nadir of the ψαρομεζέ: the cuttlefish and octopus. Today was no exception, as they were tasteless and tough. They were redeemed in my eyes, at least, by the wonderful fried μαρίδα (marida). I’m usually not thrilled by their small bones (they always seem to get stuck in my throat), but these were so delectable, the meat so soft and the skin so crispy that I had to try some. Even with our gigantic appetite, however, we still took a lot home for the cats. The final dish was a trout, cooked well, though rather lacking in flavor. The service was pretty good (though strangely, all the waiters were men) and the price was acceptable (€45 for all). All in all, it’s an acceptable but unimpressive restaurant.


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  1. i am now caught up on reading your food blog. interesting stuff, but start ordering a burger once in while and you will be much more satisfied with your dining experience.

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