Yiallas Psarotaverna


I really don’t have much to say about this restaurant: the food, unimpressive, was successfully offset by the wonderful setting (see the picture of the sunset below). But a good restaurant must maintain a semblance of balance; ideally, these factors are setting, service, and salivation (food, adjusted for alliteration). And, if possible, successful restaurateurs must also keep the price in check. But I digress.Today, the food was not spectacular; the salad was rather limp, and, although the dips were good, the bread served with it was not. Then came the calamari and the fried ersatz-crab legs – the new rage in psarotavernas here in Cyprus – both extracted a non-committal “meh” from me and my companions. The sea bream that came next was similar – the flesh was rather tough and, overall, unworthy of much praise. I do hope my next meal will exceed this one – it’s very difficult to write an exciting review about something mediocre.