Jones the Grocer

Burger!I’ve been asked by some of my readers (I’m amazed there are any) to actually say something good about a restaurant. So here goes: I’ll wax lyrical about the burger I ate. At Jones the Grocer, they sure make good burgers: they comprehend the essential ingredients of this sandwich. Their buns are slightly crunchy on the outside but nice and soft on the inside (remind you of a friend?) The patty was well-cooked. Unlike in certain other restaurants, when I asked them to cook it medium, that is exactly what they did. And what a patty it was! It was bursting with flavor, fresh off the griddle and very tender (that’s what happens when you use Wagyu beef). But what really sets it off is the delicious sauce. This mayonnaise-ey white dressing has all the contrasts that delight the tastebuds – sweet, slightly sour, and with a miniscule intimation of spiciness. The cheese is there mostly for texture – it doesn’t provide much in the way of flavor. That is the same with the lettuce: rather limp, it is the only let-down. Their other great accomplishment are the fries. They are wonderfully crispy, flavorsome, and fresh (something that is partly a result of the olive oil they use). And the sauce that complements it is, above all, unique: it is a tomato paste with a kick at the end. Essentially, ketchup with a twist. All in all, Jones the Grocer never fails to deliver great food in a, let’s face it, rather bourgeois setting. I highly recommend this.


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