The Noodle House

First of all, I sincerely apologize for not writing anything for a while.

So, once again we return to Dubai Mall. As an aside, we went up the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world): an experience that was frankly disappointing. But enough about that. A few meters away is the Noodle House, an international chain that I find lives up to the stellar reputation it has garnered. The first thing that impressed us was the service. Although the restaurant was packed (at 3 pm), the manager somehow found time to attend to us personally, giving us suggestions and conjuring a friendly atmosphere. The decor is impeccable (or at least to the greatest extent possible in a mall), though the real stand-out is the open kitchen: to borrow a hackneyed phrase, it excites young and old alike. But enough about that – the most important part is the food. The fare is very good overall, with a few dishes that blow your socks off they’re so good. One of these is the signature starter, wasabi prawns. These (thankfully deshelled) prawns are dipped in a delicious sauce that is slightly sweet, sour, and wasabi. It’s a common urban legend (which may be true) that wasabi is its own flavor, and this dish surely backs it up. The flavors commingle and swirl into a wonderful phantasmagoria of flavors and texture. I could eat the worst cooked Brussel Sprouts if they were dipped in this sauce. The mains are very good, and I must say that they  are happy to comply with any requests you may have. The other standout dish must be the mango mousse, served with wonderful vanilla ice cream. I was informed that this includes coconut milk, a faint intimation of which perfectly complements the fresh mango and I’m sure contributes to the creamy empyrean this dish conjures. I’m sure I could wax lyrical over this dessert for ages, but I’ll just leave it there for now. Overall, commended (would be highly commended were it not for the sometimes steep prices)