Banana Bread


Ah, banana bread – the ideal way to use up those overripe bananas. And this is surely a paragon of banana bread. It originates from a recipe from, again, Simply Recipes, with a few alterations by me. It exuded (it was gone pretty quick) a certain banana-ey-ness, with a moist but well-cooked interior and a slightly crunchy exterior. Served with ice cream it got even better. I have only one regret – that I didn’t make a double batch!


Biterite Food Review

Biterite is our new food provider, as I’m sure members of our Raha School community have noticed. I therefore decided to take a candid look at the quality of their food. What I tried was their chicken biryani, which seems to be quite a popular dish. Of course, I can’t judge their presentation (horrible) or their service (literally, non-existent). So let’s get to the meat of the matter. The chicken was well-cooked and quite flavorsome, though rather spicy. The rice, on the other hand, was rather bland, though well-cooked. The several cardamom pods I found didn’t seem to alter the flavor at all. The portion size, as most of their food, was decent, though it should have featured more chicken or less rice. Overall, the food is actually better than one would expect from a school cafeteria.


This is not that hard a recipe. The ingredients are pretty easy to find, though we had a mishap regarding the cocoa powder. Thankfully, the olfactory sweetened cocoa alerted me. This averted disaster, as otherwise the brownies would have been extremely sweet. Brownies have to strike exactly the right balance between sweet (sugar) and bitter (cocoa), which I believe these came close too. What let it down was the texture; they are tough, and not crispy on the outside and soft on the inside like they’re supposed to be. Still, I was pleased with them in general, and we certainly gobbled them up.

Zanser Alm Review

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Zanser Alm (literally Zanser Hut) provides very good food in a beautiful setting.

This is a meal from my trip this summer. It’s in one of those “huts”, scattered throughout the Tyrolean Alps, like you can see in the previous post. The main difference is that this is very close to a main road (there’s a bus from the local metropolis, Brixen/Bressanone). Therefore, this place was packed with locals enjoying their beer and food before (or after) their hike. The food was excellent, with big portions and delicious aromas. The Schnitzel in particular was light, crispy, and juicy. The sides were also commendable, with the potatoes being excellent. At the end of the meal, we couldn’t resist trying a delectable strudel (I apologize for the lack of an umlaut), which made their region proud.